Kansas City Jazz Lounge

Tim Whitmer Quartet 5:30 to 8:30pm, Molly Hammer & Ken Lovern 8:30 to 10pm (Orion Room) followed by The Nicks 10pm to 1:30am tonight Friday February 27 at Green Lady Lounge - Never a cover charge, always open seating and live Kansas City Jazz 7 nights a week.

Green Lady Lounge features Kansas City Jazz musicians in the rich Kansas City tradition.  Free of televisions you can focus on music, atmosphere and conversation.  

Allow our respectfully attired but unpretentious staff to serve you and your companions. Please check our Calendar Page for our performance schedule.


Sunday Monday Tuesday 7pm - 1:30am, Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 5pm - 3am

Chris Hazelton Boogaloo7

Brett Jackson Quartet

OJT Kevin Frazee Ken Lovern Brian Baggett

Paul Shinn Trio Dominique Sanders Paul Shinn Ryan Lee

Todd Strait

Molly Hammer Quartet

background photo by: Brian Paulette